Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tuscaloosa, Al...

Apartment Complex

I am sure by now everyone has seen the devastating pictures of the carnage in Tuscaloosa from the tornado that hit Wednesday. A number of students have lost their lives. There are local relief efforts taking place here in the Jackson, MS area. Diapers, formula, shoes, toiletry items are being trucked to Alabama. I have been spreading the word here but wanted to extend to opportunity to all those in the blogging world.
Elementary School

I have a personal connection with this town. I went the the University of Alabama and it is a place that develops deep roots and takes hold of your heart and never lets go. I would love to do something else, but I am afraid I do not have enough followers or readers to even warrant a request of action to help those affected. If you have any desire to help, sending donation items or money or getting some quilts together, I am ready to do my part. Please let me know so that I may contribute even if in just some small way!
Roll Tide Roll.