Saturday, January 31, 2009


I woke up this morning to a wonderful email that informed me I was accepted into the University of Alabama at Birmingham Occupational Therapy program!! I am so relieved, excited, pensive, and thankful!! Relieved because I don't have to wait to go to school anymore, I will at least go somewhere in the fall. Excited because, well, I am excited to finally start this and get Trae and I on the road to where we want to be. Pensive because I really liked UAB and I was hoping I wouldn't as much as I did to make my decision easier. And I am so thankful because God knows where I need to go and I know He opens doors for me to go through. I will wait to see what UMC says, however, I must let UAB know by Feb. 15. Soo... if I do not get accepted into UMC my decision will be extremely easy, but logistically a more difficult situation. If I do get into UMC, my decision will be hard, but I will have the dreaded money issue to consider. So please be praying that God opens His door so wide that I can not mess up the decision and it is easy to see and walk through. I am so pumped. The only thing that could make this day any greater was is my supportive, wonderful, sexy husband was here with me to celebrate.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I guess I am boring!!

Being new to blogging, I am amazed at those who find something new to write about everyday. I am not sure my life is exciting enough to find suitable, thoughtful, and interesting enough to write about every day. I do not have children, so my life is not yet filled with the unpredictable and hilarious kidisms. How do ya'll do it?!! So... here is what was new with me today. I cleaned the bathroom in record time. Got to see my favorite 1 year old at work today as well as her mommy. I got to give the chief of police a hard time. Made a few people smile at work. I was delighted to see 2 comments on my blog when I got home. Had pancakes for dinner (always a favorite of mine). Tried to come up with a birthday present for my sister. That is about it. See, nothing very exciting or eventful. But hopefully, in the near future, my days will be filled with classes, clinicals, and studying, and of course all the things I am doing now. So I guess this will work for my blog topic for the day. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1 Down and 1 to Go!

I miss Trae.
Ok! Interview 1 at University of Alabama at Birmingham went very well. It was yesterday. Got to meet current 1st year students as well as faculty and some staff. Everyone was soo laid back, relaxed and comfortable. I did not once get nervous or have butterflies, surprising and very good. I feel really good about that interview and now I am kinda bummed. I was pretty certain on going to University Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson if I get in whether I got in UAB or not. This is primarily due to financial issues, i.e: in-state tuition, living costs, etc. However, I felt so comfortable and like UAB so much it is going to be hard to say no if they offer me a position. So that is the thought of the day. This is all assuming I get in both, but of course if I only get into one, well that solves that doesn't it!? I would like to thank my dear friend Riley Buck Phillips and her husband Blake who let me crash at their house Monday night. If not for this, I would have had to spend the night alone in a hotel in downtown Birmingham, something so much better done with Trae Bane! Thanks guys. I will keep everyone updated on how interviews are going, any subsequent results!
Have I mentioned that I miss Trae? Well I do. Glad he has Bella to keep him company.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Back from Tahoe... On to Mississippi

Trae and I just got back from a few wonderful days in Tahoe. We stayed with Bill and Denise. On Tuesday we skied at Alpine Meadows for our first day of the skiing. It was a great day, wonderful weather and not very many people on the mountain. From 11-3ish, the snow was like butta (in the Boston accent). Great skiing. The temperature was warm, almost too hot. Tuesday night was filled with good food, great conversation, and some of my favorite people. Bill came in Tuesday night and asked Trae if he wanted to teach a lesson on Wednesday morning. Trae was hesitant but excited. So Trae went to work with Bill on Wednesday morning to jump back in the to adaptive ski world. I waited at the house to catch up with Grama and Frank. I headed towards the mountain around 11 to meet up with Trae and ski with him that afternoon. Well, low and behold, I forgot my ski boots at the house, which was too far to go back and get them. So I rented boots and skis from the mountain, not a bad pair of either. Trae has been wanting me to try some smaller skis to see how I liked them. Well I rented shorter skis and better fitting boots. Both worked great. With the smaller skis I had an athletic epiphany , a muscle/technique windfall. I love it when everything clicks, everything just comes together with ease and fluid motion. My turns started with ease and effective foot steering, and my 1st to 5th gear shift connected my turns like I had been skiing all winter long. It was great. If you don't understand these terms, this is how I remember proper technique when I am skiing, makes sense to me might not to others, but it works for me. Anyway, Trae had fun teaching and I had fun skiing. Bella had a wonderful time in the snow and was such a good dog. She minded and was very good playing with all the other dogs in the snow. I was like a proud mom watching a child interact appropriately with other children. It was funny, she was hilarious. We are back now. I am flying back to Brandon on Wednesday for one of two OT school interviews. Everyone please be thinking of me and send some prayers up. I am looking forward to seeing friends in Mississippi but I will miss Trae soooo much. I also hear he has been whining at work about how he will miss me too. Its good to know you are loved and appreciated.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dressing Up

Trae is working his last night shift tonight. YAY!!!!! I hate the night shift, and thankfully, he is getting that way too. I am not going to talk about the Bama game. I was sad for a day and I don't want to talk about it. SO... that is all I am going to say about that. Today I went to the mall just to try on pretty dresses and shoes, knowing I was not going to buy a thing at all. That's right. I went to Macy's only to try stuff on for no good reason other than I wanted to look smoking hot if only in the dressing room for a few minutes. I figure this is a much cheaper habit than actually purchasing them. I painted my toes this morning and got ready. Then I drove to the mall and walked straight to the "Social Occasion" section, and found a dress I have been eyeing for some time and a few others that I wasn't sure about but were pretty. The only problem with this dress I have been eyeing is that I have absolutely no occasion or purpose for a dress like this one. But it is just sooo pretty and I think it looks ok on me. I feel really good in it. But anyway, why I did this you ask! Well other than just wanting to get out of the house so that Trae could have a quiet house to sleep in, there are just some days you just wish there was that special event to dress up and look hot for. Today was one of those days. Not too sure why, just wanted to get dressed up. So I did. Even if I don't get to bring the awesome dress home and show Trae, it satisfied the craving just being in the dressing room looking hot. Too bad the events that you get to dress up for are so expensive. So I encourage anyone who wants to get all dolled up for no reason at all just for yourself, go ahead. Don't look at price tags, just pick up things that are beautiful and maybe some things that you would never try on. It's dress up time. Enjoy it. (The picture is the dress I want!!)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ahhh! Bowl Week!

Well it is NCAA Football Bowl Week. A week long celebration of incredible athletes, good match ups, and awesome football. I love football. This is the last good hurrah of college football till next fall. Trae and I get quality time with each other watching football, whether we are by ourselves or with a crowd. Too bad Trae is working like a slave this week. He hasn't really been able to enjoy the great games that I have this week. It is sad because I really really enjoy watching football with him. At least he will be available on Friday, because Friday might as well be the National Championship in our house. Alabama plays Utah on Friday. I will not go into what I see wrong with this picture. But at least I get to watch my beloved Crimson Tide throw down some serious football on the Utes. I will cheer on Mount Cody, a powerhouse on the dominant defensive line. He is an incredible athlete who can rally the team and fans like no other lineman, yet when I see him, he arouses feelings of a giant teddy bear, a really good guy. A guy you just want to run up to and hug because he is so friendly and loving. But I guess gazing at the 365 lb mountain of a man from across the line of scrimmage is a different vantage point than where I am. No matter, I will be cheering for him and the rest of the guys on Friday. I told Trae not too long ago that we have to go to a Bama home game soon. Other than Disneyland, a home game at Bryant-Denny Stadium is probably the most beloved fairytale land I have ever been. The tradition, fans, houndstooth, chants, shakers, elephants and of course The Bear, I love it all. Seeing it on television so many times this season has brought me to tears with pride and emotion. I want to be a part of that again. I want Trae to experience it because I could never give it the justice it really is with mere words. Needless to say, I am excited about the game. But, I am before every Bama game. Roll Tide Roll!