Friday, January 16, 2009

Back from Tahoe... On to Mississippi

Trae and I just got back from a few wonderful days in Tahoe. We stayed with Bill and Denise. On Tuesday we skied at Alpine Meadows for our first day of the skiing. It was a great day, wonderful weather and not very many people on the mountain. From 11-3ish, the snow was like butta (in the Boston accent). Great skiing. The temperature was warm, almost too hot. Tuesday night was filled with good food, great conversation, and some of my favorite people. Bill came in Tuesday night and asked Trae if he wanted to teach a lesson on Wednesday morning. Trae was hesitant but excited. So Trae went to work with Bill on Wednesday morning to jump back in the to adaptive ski world. I waited at the house to catch up with Grama and Frank. I headed towards the mountain around 11 to meet up with Trae and ski with him that afternoon. Well, low and behold, I forgot my ski boots at the house, which was too far to go back and get them. So I rented boots and skis from the mountain, not a bad pair of either. Trae has been wanting me to try some smaller skis to see how I liked them. Well I rented shorter skis and better fitting boots. Both worked great. With the smaller skis I had an athletic epiphany , a muscle/technique windfall. I love it when everything clicks, everything just comes together with ease and fluid motion. My turns started with ease and effective foot steering, and my 1st to 5th gear shift connected my turns like I had been skiing all winter long. It was great. If you don't understand these terms, this is how I remember proper technique when I am skiing, makes sense to me might not to others, but it works for me. Anyway, Trae had fun teaching and I had fun skiing. Bella had a wonderful time in the snow and was such a good dog. She minded and was very good playing with all the other dogs in the snow. I was like a proud mom watching a child interact appropriately with other children. It was funny, she was hilarious. We are back now. I am flying back to Brandon on Wednesday for one of two OT school interviews. Everyone please be thinking of me and send some prayers up. I am looking forward to seeing friends in Mississippi but I will miss Trae soooo much. I also hear he has been whining at work about how he will miss me too. Its good to know you are loved and appreciated.

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