Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1 Down and 1 to Go!

I miss Trae.
Ok! Interview 1 at University of Alabama at Birmingham went very well. It was yesterday. Got to meet current 1st year students as well as faculty and some staff. Everyone was soo laid back, relaxed and comfortable. I did not once get nervous or have butterflies, surprising and very good. I feel really good about that interview and now I am kinda bummed. I was pretty certain on going to University Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson if I get in whether I got in UAB or not. This is primarily due to financial issues, i.e: in-state tuition, living costs, etc. However, I felt so comfortable and like UAB so much it is going to be hard to say no if they offer me a position. So that is the thought of the day. This is all assuming I get in both, but of course if I only get into one, well that solves that doesn't it!? I would like to thank my dear friend Riley Buck Phillips and her husband Blake who let me crash at their house Monday night. If not for this, I would have had to spend the night alone in a hotel in downtown Birmingham, something so much better done with Trae Bane! Thanks guys. I will keep everyone updated on how interviews are going, any subsequent results!
Have I mentioned that I miss Trae? Well I do. Glad he has Bella to keep him company.


mommy4life said...

Came over from SITS. Good luck on Grad school apps and interviews....

momma said...

stopping by from sits.

hope everything works out well for you :)