Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm waiting...

... on Trae to hurry up and drive here. I have been so anxious, I haven't really be able to do anything productive all day. I went to church this am with Camille, came back, and have been trying to study for my midterm tomorrow. Well, I did get about 2 good hours in of studying, which I will not complain about. But I am just sitting on pins and needles awaiting his arrival!! Can't wait!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today is mine and Trae's 4 year anniversary. And yet again, we are not together on the actual day of our anniversary. I was thinking about how our crazy life keeps putting us in different places. I realized that the only anniversary we have spent in the same geographic location together is our 2nd. Every other anniversary we have been separated by internships, jobs, and other commitments in different states. I know, its sad. But somehow we make it work. I guess this is just another way we see God in our relationship, by the fact that we can handle being away from each other. We hate it, but we can handle it, miraculously. It has been a wonderful 4 years and it just seems to be flying by. We have a great lovable dog, no kids, but we have each other and that is all we need. I love him so much and like I have said before, we are the same kind of weird. It just works. He will be here late Sunday night. And I couldn't be more excited!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

"... and let it be good!"

Thanks Dad for being the quiet one, so that I have a better understanding of when to talk and when not to.
Thanks Dad for teaching me to ski. It is a part of my life that I love, miss, excel at, and it always reminds me of you.
Thanks Dad for putting in countless hours of boat driving, ballasting a boat just right while driving by yourself and pulling pin at the same time, traveling late into the night, and putting up with sometimes less than desirable people just so that I might have a chance to fulfil my dream of skiing.
Thanks Dad for always knowing how fast, how short, or how wide I need to tell the driver of the boat.
Thanks Dad for ALWAYS being on the shore to meet me when I got out of the water and always saying the right thing.
Thanks Dad for letting me be harder on myself that you.
Thanks Dad for getting me mad enough that 1 time I did my best performance.
Thanks Dad for always telling me, "If you don't want to do this anymore, we will find something else to do that makes you happy."
Thanks Dad for letting me marry Trae, I know you were scared, but I can't imagine being happier with anyone else.
Thanks Dad for your love and devotion to Mom and continuing to grow in your love for her.
Thanks Dad for fixing all the car issues we have ever had.
Thanks Dad for always making sure we have a Chilton's book for every car in the vehicle with us at all times.
Thanks Dad for trying to teach me how to back a trailer, that was the first time I actually saw and recognized your patience.
Thanks Dad for giving up your empty house because I have a crazy life.
Thanks Dad for going to the ends of the earth to show me that you love me, you are proud of me, and providing for me.
Thanks Dad for letting me sit on your lap, still.
Thanks Dad for being exactly who you are and not apologizing for it.
Thanks Dad for always offering to pay for meals.
Thanks Dad for wanting BOPS at 9:30 pm, I know I get my love of sweets from you.
Thanks Dad for being so selfless, I see you give of yourself to anyone in need at the drop of a hat. Whether you know it or not, that is one way I see God through you.
Thanks Dad for requesting the Reader's Digest version of stories, I get that from you too.
Thanks Dad for showing me how to have fun.
Thanks Dad for always taking fun to the extreme.
Thanks Dad for being the Dude.
Thanks Dad for everything.
Thanks Dad for being happy to do all of this because you love me.
I love you BATS Dad!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I have been so busy with school and trying to find a few minutes here and there to get quiet and not be thinking about school that I have completely neglected my beloved blog!!! I feel so ashamed, but I have been getting a lot of work done and school is going swimmingly. Last weekend was a girls trip to New Orleans. By girls weekend, I do not mean all of the wonderful best friends that I have, I mean all of the women on my mom's side of the family. CRAZY! And yes, the drama ensued and I do not have time to explain all that went on but lets just say, I am glad we haven't planned the next one yet!! I love my family, but I guess they are like all families, crazy! I am off to class till 3:00! (The picture is of me, my sister, my grandmother, and my mom, in order from left to right!) Oh and I am really really missing Trae everyday, still.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Today is Hard

Yes, I am having a hard time today. Being without Trae is so tough. Most days I get by but then I have days like today. No matter how gorgeous the weather is or how great of a day I am having, it all seems sad and I can barely manage to get out a poor excuse of a smile when I am talking to someone. But because I was a church today, it almost seemed worse. We enjoy going to church so much and I associate being with him when I am there. I can hardly pay attention to the message because I want him to be sitting beside me. Then I feel the Lord pour his love and attention on me and I feel a little better. I know that He is my everything and that no matter where I am or what I am doing, I can feel His presence and love surround me. I still want Trae though. So that is where I am today.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I am beginning to catch my breath after the 8 chapter reading this week. I think I got myself all worked up over nothing. My classes are totally manageable and I have only been introduced to information I will need to really study in 1 class. I am SURE that will change as the semester continues, but for now, I am ok with this. I am beginning to get to know some of the people in my class and I really like them. The OT2 students informed us today that they were told by the faculty that my class has the highest GPA ever accepted in the program's history. That made me feel really good, but I don't know how much of that to believe!! I did learn a few days ago that we will definitely be going to the cadaver lab next semester, which I am totally stoked about! That may not sit well with you, but I really am excited and Trae is jealous!! This weekend will be more relaxed than last weekend. I have 2 quizzes to study for and I plan on getting out of the house, going to the lake and really enjoying family and summer. I will definitely be skiing this weekend! I really wanted to put a picture of a skeleton on this post to correlate to the cadaver lab discussed, but I didn't want to gross anyone out!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Grad School Week 2

So school has started and I am in full swing with classes!!! Just this week, my 2nd week I might add, I have 8 chapters to read just for 1 class! Somehow that ratio doesn't seem right in my head!! WOW!!! I also started my swim lessons that I will have for the next 2 weeks for an hour. I have 4 2-3 year olds who are a hoot and already trying to scare me just dropping under the surface. But I am sure I'll make it through. SO... needless to say, I am feeling just a little overwhelmed, probably more because I am working myself up all on my own. Sorry I have been nonexistent, a poor commenter, and behind in reading my favorite places!! I will get it all under control and gladly be back to post quick little happys every now and then.