Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Grad School Week 2

So school has started and I am in full swing with classes!!! Just this week, my 2nd week I might add, I have 8 chapters to read just for 1 class! Somehow that ratio doesn't seem right in my head!! WOW!!! I also started my swim lessons that I will have for the next 2 weeks for an hour. I have 4 2-3 year olds who are a hoot and already trying to scare me just dropping under the surface. But I am sure I'll make it through. SO... needless to say, I am feeling just a little overwhelmed, probably more because I am working myself up all on my own. Sorry I have been nonexistent, a poor commenter, and behind in reading my favorite places!! I will get it all under control and gladly be back to post quick little happys every now and then.

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