Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Ok. If any of you know Trae, this will be predictable. So our first assignment upon our decision to seriously travel full-time was a place called Oakdale, California. We check the town and area attractions out online to prepare ourselves. The internet is quick to inform you of how close in proximity Oakdale is to so many attractions. Tahoe, Yosemite National Park, Napa Valley, San Fransico are all a "short driving distance" away. We get to Oakdale and realize why the emphasis was placed on all these wonderful places AROUND Oakdale. This was because the town of Oakdale itself is not much to write about, literally. The town is fairly small, no problem for us, but in the middle of a few large almond groves and cattle farms. Sooo you can imagine the smell was lovely. The scenery was not much to look at either. With very few trees and flat dusty landscape, we were looking to make our first sightseeing trip quick. Soooo of course the first place to visit on the list for Trae is (drumroll please...) TAHOE!!! No surprise there for all you who know what a ski junkie Trae is!! Well I love Tahoe as well so of course I oblige. Here are a few picture from our first two trips to Tahoe. The jeeping pictures are the second trip in which we went and visited my aunt and uncle who live in Truckee.

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Amanda Wells said...

I want to go to Tahoe.