Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all!
Well, it is Christmas time in California. No we don't have a snow, just rain. Where we are in the valley, fog is a very big deal. Fog will stay all day. There are weeks that we don't get much sun because of the fog. But it is cold and rainy and that is kinda like Christmas in Mississippi. We have a real Christmas tree in our house, complete with presents. The lights and ornaments are all borrowed. This being our second Christmas across country, we learned that as much as we want our own decorations and stockings, it does not make traveling any easier. So we came with no ornaments this year and our tree looks kinda blah and generic. But my resourceful husband has a hidden talent even I didn't know about fully until a couple of weeks ago. He can make the most beautiful snowflakes. I had to take pictures and send to my family so they also can be in awe of his nimble fingers. Last week, we took a trip to Tahoe just to see the snow. It was beautiful. Light, fluffy powder which would have made for incredible skiing conditions had there been a snow base beforehand. But there wasn't so we did not ski, just played in the perfect powder. Bella had a wonderful time. I think she was made to love the snow. The cold weather makes her feel frisky!! Just what we need: 130 pounds of friskiness. We also toured the Ritz-Carlton condos at Northstar while we were there. You know, just thought we would look and see for when we become wealthy. Mid mountain residences with 24/7 private personal concierge. Can't wait! Unfortunately, we had to come back. Trae has to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I am making a Christmas spread for Christmas Day after he gets off. Turkey, dressing, macaroni and cheese, green beans, and of course, coconut cake. For all of you who love coconut cake, it may be impossible to make in California because they do not carry frozen coconut! I know, inconceivable! Apparently, according to other displaced Southerners, only Indian food markets carry it. No main stream grocery store carries it. Trae is out looking today for it! I will let you know if he is successful. In memory of last year's Christmas, the pictures posted above are those of last year's Tahoe snow. I have not had a camera until just a few days ago. So be on the lookout for more pictures. Merry Christmas and may everyone remember the reason we celebrate this wonderful time of year is not for coconut cake, presents, or snowflakes, but the birth of Jesus, the Prince of Peace and Savior of the world!

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