Saturday, April 10, 2010

Crawfish Boil Time!

It is a beautiful Saturday in Central Mississippi. I have been inside studying Neuroanatomy this morning. But now, I am headed to a Crawfish Boil!! Yay! In case some of you do not know what a crawfish boil is all about, I shall explain.
This is not just a meal experience, this is a social event. A very large pot of boiling water gets mixed with crab boil, a blend of spices and flavorings that makes shell fish delicious. To this pot, live crawfish, potatoes, corn on the cob, sausage, mushrooms, and pretty much any variety of food that sounds good. This all cooks down and is then strained and poured over many newspaper covered tables. Droves of people then stand around these tables and shells the crawfish tail to devour the tail meat. Scrumptious! Some, as crazy as it sounds, suck the head of the crawfish once the meat has been removed. Inside the head is a dense concentration of the spices of the crab boil. I can't really tell you what I love about a good crawfish boil. Whether it is the people you meet and get to know while standing and shelling crawfish, the actual food itself, being outside, the combination of all of these things makes for a fun time.
So I am off, to eat crawfish, have a beer, sit in the sun, and hangout with good friends! I hope you all have experienced this crazy thing and if not, take the next opportunity to do so!
By the way, Trae hates crawfish. So I will not subject him to this when he is here and makes me not feel guilty about going to one while he is not here!

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