Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This house thing is really getting old...

I mean it this time. It is not looking good for Trae to work in the southern area for his next contract, like we were hoping, expecting and needing. This is getting bad. I need to sell a house. NOW. And I need prayer. Someone in agreement with me about this house ordeal and just lifting me up to be strong so that we can both get through this period without going incredibly insane.
On another note, summer has not arrived in the California central valley, so the beautiful pool right outside my door eludes me. The sun shines, but the cool wind, not breeze, dares me to test it and try to enjoy the warm weather. I tried, I was brave. I failed and returned outside fully dressed determined to at least enjoy the brightness of the sun. I haven't been in the pool once.
I am still enjoying being with my husband here in California. I fly back Sunday to return to school. I am excited about getting to the summer in Mississippi so that I can start skiing! I am also terribly sad that I will not be bringing my love back with me. In the mean time, Bella and I are walking every day, and trying to enjoy ourselves.