Friday, March 27, 2009

Crazy Money

Trae and I went to Home Depot yesterday. That place is like our playground/fantasy world. We like Lowe's too, but it is farther away. This time we did go with a plan/purpose. We are in the process of remodeling our house in North Carolina so that we can sell it. We already have replaced the old nasty linoleum floor in the kitchen with slate tile and replaced the old nasty carpet in the living room with the same slate tile. The rest of the downstairs is original hardwood. We are leaving those alone, of course. They are in great shape and look really good. So now we have to do something with the downstairs and master baths. Both are very outdated and not good looking at all. The master bath is big, but with an awkward bad layout with a huge olive green garden tub and telephone booth sized shower in which I can't even bend over in without hitting my head on the shower wall. So that must be changed. We want to put a huge walk-in tile shower with no tub. We need to change the rest of the floor in that bath and replace the vanities. The bath is open to the master bedroom, not really ideal or logical to us, so we want to add more wall and of course a door. Oh did I mention that the master bedroom is the entire upstairs level and it is open to the staircase, with no door either?! Yea absolutely no door to separate the master bedroom and bath from the rest of the house, just stairs! So we want to wall off the stairs! The downstairs bath really needs a total overhaul. We want to put wainscoting on the walls and have been debating whether we need/can put it right over the existing tile wall. So we need a new sink/vanity and to re tile the shower. The kitchen needs new countertops, and we are planning on painting the cabinets we already have and updating the hardware. So what will all this cost you ask? Well I am so glad you asked because that is why we went to Home Depot, to price out all of these projects we want to do to see if we can even afford to do all of this work. Well we priced out tile, lumber, lighting fixtures, vanities, wainscoting, paint, and lots more. Grand total for what we want to do is way more than we really want to spend. And it doesn't even include new kitchen appliances. So went planning to price the project just like we want it to look and then based on prices we can always scale back on certain areas we feel aren't as important as others. So of course we are planning on scaling back our original plan and doing only what we think is really important for the sale. Oh I forgot, I can't believe I forgot this part. Our driveway is atrocious. You almost have to get a running go to make it up the driveway and the old asphalt is broken and it has deep gullies in it. So we need to have our driveway repaved. I got an estimate for it to be an asphalt driveway, trying to use what is already there. Not to excited about that but that will definitely be a huge negative if the driveway continues to look as it does when buyers come look at it! SO we will be deciding on what to cut back and what to keep. But we do have a wonderful view! Sorry there is no picture of our wonderful view. I will get one when I get out of California!
The lovely picture of those yellow flowers were on sale at the grocery store and I got them because it is spring and they make me smile!

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Librarian or Teacher said...

I love remodeling and decorating! Sounds like y'all have a lot of work ahead!