Monday, March 9, 2009

He so funny...

My husband that is! He is so funny. I am right now watching him, in an excited little boy manner, explain the trail map of the mountain we are skiing tomorrow. He is showing our guest which runs we will be skiing, those we should do only if we want to pee our pants in excitement/fear of death sensation, and those with "wicked rocks" to jump off. I will be simply skiing, no jumping, mach speeds, or fear of death! In snow, he is the master, on the water is my domain. I just had to share how happy he is right now, Which makes me happy.


Anonymous said...

My hubby loves skiing as well. He is very good at it and is teaching our two Wild Indians that same love of steep and deep!

I hope you have a wonderful time in the mountains!

Over from SITS!

Rosie said...

saw you over on SITS in line in front of me! had to come and visit...You can pass as my much younger sister in that photo! Love the pink walls!