Monday, March 9, 2009

Good Morning Everyone!

So Monday has finally arrived for Monica and I... For the majority of people, Mondays represent the WORST day of the week, but for those of us that work weekends, Monday is a God-Send! Today we will make the journey to our beloved Lake Tahoe (yes I do speak of it like it is mine and in my own backyard). On the way we will pick up a friend of ours in Sacramento who is flying in to join us, then up to the "North Shore." The north shore of Tahoe is a little different than the south shore and for those who have not yet had the opportunity to visit this exceptional place I will give a little verbal tour :-) The north west shore to the NV line is very much a "locals" area, laid back, and friendly. The western shore is one of the most spectacularly beautiful drives on God's earth, including "Emerald Bay." The Northeast and South shores are much more touristy and from the NV line (which bisects the Lake) eastward are full of Casinos and bright lights; a pretty stark contrast to the phenomenal natural beauty that surrounds you. The majority of the East shore is all National Forest and it too is a tremendously beautiful drive. As far as activities go, there is no shortage of anything to do, anywhere you go, whether your pleasure is shopping or gambling on the South shore or any manner of outdoor adventures anywhere else. For the Skier amongst you there is skiing to be found almost anywhere around the lake except for the East shore (which is limited to back country skiing). My Favorites are the laid back locals mountains. Don't get me wrong every resort around Tahoe is a major destination and all are considered in the top 10-20 resorts in North America, but Alpine Meadows on the North Shore and Kirkwood on the South shore are by far my favorites. Both resorts have open area boundaries and friendly, helpful staff. We will be skiing at Alpine Meadows tomorrow and Wednesday and making the best of what remains from the biggest storm to hit Tahoe this season. Last week mountains claimed they received from 5-8 feet of snow at their summits with up to 4 feet of that falling in 24 hrs. I am hoping to not have to ski many groomed runs this week! Pray for our safety and look for photos on the flip side! Bye y'all!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo :) have fun guys :)

Mathea said...

Beautiful photos, I hope to someday go to Lake Tahoe so I can refer to it as "mine" as well.

Joelle said...

Beautiful photo. Stopping over from SITS

On my 12 Blog Hop for the night. 2 more to go!