Saturday, September 26, 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

Just as I expected, this semester has been a very busy, learning intensive, and whirlwind of a semester. I am taking anatomy with human dissection this semester. I have this class every day, either lab or lecture. Needless to say, it is taking over my life. I am doing my best to balance this 1 class with the rest of my classes, and most importantly, Trae. I am so excited to report that he will be coming for a few days on October 6th. I can not wait to see him.
I just got involved with something very important recently. Our class is registered as a team for the American Heart Association Heart Walk. Everyone has heard about heart disease and strokes. You may even know someone effected by one of these diseases. My 72 year old grandmother had a heart attack a few years ago. I know that she still lives with fear about having another heart attack. I have lived next to my grandmother for the majority of my life. She is the typical grandmother who showers her love on her family by using any excuse to cook for them, buying groceries for her grandchildren in college, and giving you just about anything you may need. Of course she also gives her opinion freely and without invitation, she had very little tolerance for unruly children in public, and will call someone out about anything she feels need at any time. As long as you are respectful and polite, you will not ever have a problem with her. She is even known in our area as the Pie Lady. She makes the most delicious and
perfect meringue around. She was featured in Mississippi Magazine for her pies. I really don't care for meringue, but her pies are wonderful even without it. I love her dearly and do not know what life would be like without her.

If you have been effected by heart disease or stroke and feel moved to help make a difference, please visit my page on the American Heart Association's Heart Walk donation page here, to donate for someone you know who has been impacted by this condition.
Here a few pictures of what my life has been like since the start of the semester.
I took Camille, my sister, to the back to school party hosted by my school. It was fun, getting together with my classmates. I remember wanting Trae with me. I am so glad Camille was with me, but I know Trae would have enjoyed it. This was Camille and I before we left for the party.
I WENT TO A BAMA GAME!!!!! And yes those are my houndstooth rain boots I have on. My mom and I went to the Bama v North Texas game. This was the first game I have been to since I was a student there in 2003. I had such a wonderful time, despite the very wet, wet weather. It rained up until an hour before the game, was rain free during the game, and as we were walking to the car to leave Tuscaloosa, the bottom fell out and it rained our whole way home. God was smiling upon me that day and let me enjoy a wonderful day in Tuscaloosa. The only thing that would have made the day better was if Trae would have been sitting right beside me.


AndreaLeigh said...

great picture! you look amazing.

Amanda Wells said...

Yay Pie Lady!