Friday, October 16, 2009

Such a blessing!

Even though the only people who look at this blog are the people who I will describe in this post, I would still like to take this opportunity to share my appreciation and love for them (you).
First off is M.W. She is the only other married girl in our group. I love her so much. She is absolutely hilarious and full of life. I really don't know how I would make it without Trae if she was not with me. She has been in my shoes. Her husband was in the Army and served several tours in the Middle East right after they were first married. She knows exactly what I am going through and she knows how tough it is. She actually had it worse off than me. She could not talk to her husband everyday for as long as she wanted. Her time was very limited with crazy hours. She knows exactly what to say, when to hug me, and when to just let me cry a little on those days where Trae seems so far away. I am so grateful for her friendship and support.
Then comes M.S. She is getting married the day after our last day of the fall semester this year. Yes, she is crazy. She is also hilarious and random, which I love and appreciate. M.S. has such a gift for creative paper arts. She is also someone I have to keep an eye out on. M.S. seems to walk out in the middle of a busy street while she is texting or just talking to someone. I have had to pull her back onto the sidewalk numerous times when I thought the car coming did not see her. She also misplaces her phone every day. I kid you not, every day. I have to ask her when we move rooms if she has her phone with her. She misplaced her purse just last week! I love M.S. She is sweet, funny, and always up for an adventure, like going to the local department store and finding the tackiest prom dresses to try on in the dressing room. And yes, she always documents such occasions with pictures. I can not wait for her wedding in December. Just to give an idea of how incredible she is, she has asked the girls of our group to be honorary bridesmaids. When she was telling us what to wear for the wedding, she simply told us that she wanted us to wear nice black dresses, and that she wanted us to look HOT! What kind of bride openly tells her bridesmaids she wants them to be hot! Most brides want their attendants to look nice, but they want to be the best looking thing there. My M.S. will be smoking on the day of her wedding because she is a gorgeous gal already. I just think it is awesome she wants the rest of us good looking too! I love her.
Next is L.S. She is the newest part of our group and we are kicking ourselves for not grabbing her at the start of the summer semester. She is amazing. She is an Office fanatic, which has turned me onto The Office. After today, she is now another member of my fashion consultant team. L.S. is also hilarious, loves coffee, and is single. We will all be very picky, inquisitive, and protective of any suitor that shall try to woo our L.S. I love that L.S. refuses to lower her standards and knows what is acceptable behavior in a man. She neither takes excuses nor wastes her time on someone that doesn't deserve her. She is great and deserves someone that knows exactly how special she is.
When I started school I did not expect to really find girls that I would really get along with and become best friends with. I expected to just be social during class and not really socialize with many people outside of class. God has placed 3 incredible women around me who I see as lifelong friends. They are amazing girls that make school so much fun and life a joy. I am so blessed that I have found them and they see me as a girl cool enough to be a member of their group.

Thanks girls! I love ya! Sorry M.W., you didn't make this picture, you were taking it!! We need to get a good picture of all 4 of us!!!

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Aunt Spicy said...

Ohhhh, you are so right, dear friends are a blessing! ps. there are other people who read your blog :-)