Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ahhhhh... (Sigh of Contentment)

I have survived the waiting. I have been absent from the blog world to try to soak up and suck every bit of time with the hubby I can while he is still here. He leaves tomorrow to head to NC to get our house sold. Thanks for all the good wishes. It has been a wonderful week of being with him. We had a blast this week and have regained our normal energy, strength, and happiness levels being with each other. Bella has also been a joy to have around again. I really miss her a lot. She has been going to the lake everyday and is slap wore out! She is taking the day off and resting. She passed out on the dock yesterday in the middle of lots of new people and activity. I knew she was tired, she has never just taken a nap in the middle of so many people before. But she did get in a little kayak ride while at the lake this week. It was so funny. Trae also had to use his excellent nursing/suture skills to sew up a friend of ours at the lake. He got hooked by a large bass hook. I have been loving having Trae here. It is perfect. Now we just need to sell the house in NC and he can come here, take a permanent job while I am in school and we can be like a normal couple! That will be nice!

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