Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back to Healthy

So, I have started it again. Trying to eat healthier with less sweets and smaller portions. I think I have been doing pretty good with the healthier food. My big problem is portion size and craving those sweet little nibbles after dinner. If I am eating a meal that tastes good, I will keep on eating because it tastes good, not necessarily because I am still hungry. I got on a pretty big Sonoma Diet kick last year and I really liked it. The biggest thing it helped me with was portion size. I will probably break out that book today after school and start going through and getting ingredients together for that. The only bad thing about the Sonoma Diet, it really focuses on cutting out sugar for like the first 2 weeks. I have gone a while without sweets and it does become easier to just say no after a while. But I just like them too much. I don't want to give them up. But its ok, I will just have to find alternatives to my 4-layer delights, ice cream sandwiches, and chocolate cake. I can do it.

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