Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mighty to Save

Mighty to save has been running through my mind and heart for the past week or so. I think I need to be reminding myself this lately. I am so blessed and relieved that I serve God, who is mighty to save and has never left me alone. Church was awesome today. Camille and I went to church together today. The message was great. This is part 2 of a series on the Doctrine of God. Today's message was on What is God like? The pastor used the first part of Matthew in the story of Jesus healing the paralyzed man to tell of some basic fundamental characteristics we should know about God. First of all, Jesus told the man that his sins were forgiven. The man, nor those who brought him, even spoke at all during this passage. He was lowered down in front of Jesus and was told by Jesus, "Your sins are forgiven." Jesus did not address the physical nature of the man's problems. Jesus is more concerned with the health of your/my spiritual life than our physical circumstances. God can rearrange our situation, finances, physical health, and relationships all we want him to, but if our spirit and heart are not right with Him, nothing will ever be right in our life. Our spiritual life is the most important aspect of our life. God loves to forgive us and He desires to forgive us, but we must come to Him and ask for that forgiveness. He is strong and mighty to save. We have to believe and trust Him, not just believe IN Him.
I was touched this morning and I hope more than anything that Camille will take how she was touched and move forward.

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