Thursday, April 16, 2009

Baby Fever... Almost

During our recent visit to Georgia, we got to play tirelessly with our new 10 month old niece and 7 month old nephew. Our niece, "Princess" and our nephew, "Jellyfish" are so precious. They were so much fun. Princess is incredibly inquisitive and better be in direct line of sight of her mom at all times or she is not happy. She loves food of all kind. Bottled, jarred, on a plate, or even in someone else's mouth. She wants it all. Jellyfish on the other had could not be any different. He has no desire for food at all. It is apparent he does not enjoy food, it is only out of necessity that he eats. His most productive eating time is during sleep. Strange, I know. Princess is a very happy baby, in general, if mom is nearby. Jellyfish is just happy to be with people. He is very happy, easy, and had the most adorable smile. Why do I refer to him as Jellyfish you ask?! Well, while most babies wiggle, jiggle, move spastically, he does not. He moves his arms in a very fluid rolling motion much like a jellyfish's tentacles would. It is so cute. Princess is crawling with speed and efficiency and walking with minimal assistance while Jellyfish is just starting to crawl a few motions at a time. They play fairly well together, stealing toys and accidentally swatting each other in the face. When one begins to cry in another part of the room the other lets out a sympathy whimper as if to say, "Hey, leave him/her alone!". Trae and I actually got to keep the Jellyfish for a few night while his mom had to go to work towards the end of our stay. He went easy on me. He only woke up twice each night we had him. It didn't take much for me to be up and bottle in hand ready to feed when he began to whimper. By the end of the 3rd day of not being with him momma, he was tired of me and Trae and we could no longer console him. Shortly before his mom arrived to pick him up, I was trying my best to comfort him. I am still not sure what was wrong, he wasn't hungry or sleepy. No sooner had I gotten him calmed down and focused on something else would he look up at me and realize that I was not his mom and he would begin to cry again. Not just cry but wail as if his life was ending. By this time, he needed/wanted/required his mom and no one else would suffice. Princess would cry like this as a response to waking up in an unfamiliar place, not seeing her mom, being hungry, or any other reasons. Princess' temperament was either perfectly happy, pensive, or crying hysterically like death was coming. It was almost funny. Princess' mom has an amazing trick that we refer to as the Jedi sleeper. When Princess starts to cry, and mom knows that it is because she is sleepy, mom puts her hand over Princess' face and like the powers of the force she immediately closes her eye, stops crying, and is on her way to being asleep. It was amazing the first time I witnessed the feat.The kids were precious, playful, loud at times, and we are so glad we got to spend so much time with them. However, I am glad they did not come back to California with us. We are sooo excited about having kids, but we are not busting at the seams to have them just yet. Once my school is done, I'm sure kids will be a more pressing topic.

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