Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm Back, Time to Move

Back in California. I'm very glad to be back with Trae. I am very tired of eating restaurant food. We ate out for ever meal for about a week while we were back in Atlanta. I made breakfast this morning. The typical breakfast for Trae and I when he doesn't have to work, bacon, eggs, and biscuits. As easy and little time as it takes me to make, I (we) get so much enjoyment out of this breakfast. It was really nice to make a meal and eat it with my lovely husband. Now we are back in California, we have to start getting ready to leave California by car to return to the South. We will be driving back to Mississippi the first week of May. We miss the South. We realized this while we were in Atlanta, the big city that stole our heart a couple of years ago. Today we have learned that there is a 99% possibility that Trae will be working several states away from me for his next assignment. This does not make me happy at all. We have had to live apart before and we do not like it. However, for the time being, it something that we have to do in order take care of each other the best we can with the responsibilities we have also. Right now, we are still in the VERY early stages of the next assignments, the choices include Maine and New Mexico. Needless to say, we are leaning towards Maine. We will be learning and deciding more in the coming weeks. So I'm off to make another delicious meal for me and my honey!

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