Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Won!

So many great things to tell today!!
First of all, I won my very first giveaway today!!!! I was selected by Amy at Park City Girl as part of her Quilt Festival as a winner. I am sooo excited. I have never won anything online before and what a great prize : $10 gift certificate to Wish Upon a Quilt. I have been shopping a little and have been eyeing the Neptune line from Moda for some time. Wish Upon a Quilt has a wonderful selection of the line. I just have to decide which print I want. I am so excited. The Quilt Festival was such a great way to see all of the gorgeous and creative quilts out there. So many talented quilters all over the country.
I hope all of you are liking the new layout, background, and fonts you see all around you. I can not take any credit. Amanda of Kevin & Amanda is such a lifesaver and creator of the cutest fonts. Her website is full of tutorials with the easiest directions of how to adjust your blog. I am definitely not computer savvy in the program writing/html coding way in the least. I know absolutely nothing about any of it. Amanda was so quick to email me with the answers to all of my questions and was able to show me how to make changes to my layout. If you are looking for a new font, go check her out. All of her fonts are FREE! She is right there to help you get it going too. Thanks Amanda!!
Today is Trae's first day off coming off a long 4 day stretch. His weekend was so crazy in the ER. There are weekends that are ok and easy to deal with. This was not one of them though. 4 straight days of busy, crazy work in the ER. I am glad to have him back and he is so glad to not be working today!! We are having dinner with our wonderful friends the Courtneys. We miss them and always have a great time at their house.
I'm still so excited I won!


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YAHOO!!!!! That is so great! And what a fun adventure that virtual quilt festival was!