Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our Movies

Trae and I are big movie buffs. We appreciate all movies and love many. We enjoy the obscure and unknown and celebrate the ones that do well. I am proud of our movie tastes and like the fact that we really like movies that some may not have even heard of. So here is our Top 20 Movie list and why we love them. So in no particular order...
Top Gun- Trae can quote this movie with such accuracy, you would have thought he wrote the script. I love this movie also for a few reasons: 1) When I first met Trae, he looked just like Tom Cruise, 2) All the flying is so exciting and I really enjoy action and adventure movies, 3) The beach volleyball scene is just fun to watch.
The Godfather series- This is just a classic. It also gives many useful rules to live by. What is there not to love about these films.
Casino Royale (the new one)- With this film introducing Daniel Craig as 007, it is my favorite because I love him as 007. He makes 007 a rule breaker, unlike some of the more recent pretty boy womanizers that have been portrayed. This being the first book in Ian Flemming's series, it explains why 007 is unattached to many of the people, especially women, he meets. It is a great film with good depth in the characters.
Man on Fire- Not only is it filmed with great action sequences, but it has a great redemptive story.
Orange County- Hilarious movie with not much thinking that goes with it. Great one-liners.
Out Cold- Another funny movie with little thought needed to follow it. It revolves around snow boarders trying to save their mountain.
Batman Begins- Another great movie about the beginning of a legend. Christian Bale is my favorite Batman so far.
Taken- Liam Neeson is wonderful as a father fighting to find his daughter.
Transformers- What little boy didn't like Transformers. This movie was a home run in bringing the toys to life and making every guy want the aliens to land in their backyard.
Love Actually- A Christmas tradition in our house. We love British humor and this has nothing but material from the UK. My favorite storyline in this film is one that follows the Prime Minister and a secretary, played by Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon.
Tombstone- Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday makes this movie awesome. Kurt Russell is a wonderful Wyatt Earp and Sam Elliot and Bill Paxton do great also. However, Doc delivers great lines.
Super Troopers- Great comedy classic. The plot is pretty good, but the pranks the troopers pull on each other are wonderful.
Pirates of the Caribbean- Who doesn't want to be a pirate? And Johnny Depp, I think he is the epitome of what a pirate should be.
Star Wars- Classics. Period. Even if you don't like science fiction. You have to appreciate all of the special effects, especially in the first 3. You also have to appreciate that Lucas did not use popular music in the soundtrack! (Which was very uncommon during this period).
Indiana Jones series- Harrison Ford as a archaeological adventurer is great.
An Unfinished Life- The relationship between Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman is so unique and real. They give each other a hard time like only old friends can.
Dumb and Dumber- Jeff Daniels' comedic genius on display and Jim Carrey doing what he does best. This is a great movie even if you do not like stupid movies, everyone laughs at this one.
Anchor Man- Will Ferrell at his best also. All of the crazy one-liners are priceless.
Robin Hood- The great story is done right in this movie with Kevin Costner at the helm. Who would have thought he would have been a great outlaw with a bow and arrow!
Sweet Home Alabama- Funny, romantic, southern what else could you want in a great movie.
This is most definitely not a comprehensive list. In fact, on another day, we might come up with 20 different movies for our top 20 list. Some that didn't make the cut but deserve mentioning: The Passion, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Bourne series, King Arthur, Lars and the Real Girl, and so many more. Maybe we will revisit the topic and come up with 21-40.

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Lindsay said...

Please do post the next set! It will give me some new exciting movies to go rent! I was websurfing this morning, thought of you guys, and just had to check out what was going on! You are cuter then ever with your quilt, and who knows, I might just blog a few things now and then :). miss you and hope all is well!!