Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back in the South At Last!

I am in Mississippi now. I left Reno, NV following my grandmother and her husband in an RV on Sunday morning. I arrived in MS Wednesday evening. It was a long drive, but every mile I drove, it was just another mile away from my love. But, I love the South. The only thing that would have made my day any better today would to have had my sweetheart by my side all day! Today I was very respectfully complemented by a complete stranger walking on campus who told me that my dress looked very good on me! A girl in Target talked out loud about not being able to find the kind of deodorant she wanted and we carried on a conversation about how a particular brand will have different styles of items depending on which store you go to. This is just one reason I love the South so much. Everyone, no matter where you are, is friendly and will talk to you. In the area of California I was, most people would have just as easily run over you with their buggy in Target than say hello. Today a receptionist in one part of the hospital helped me find another part of the hospital while smiling and she did not seemed to be bothered or too busy to help me. When I drive down the road, the trees are all taller than me and everything is so green. I love it here. I wish Trae was here too. And of course The Bella!

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Well the South is definitely better than Reno NV. haha Stopping by to leave some bloggy love from SITS! Happy weekend