Saturday, May 2, 2009

He Does It Anyway!

Lunch today is taco soup for Trae and everyone at the ER. Looked pretty good. Smelled pretty good too. I could not get an accurate taste however, because I burned my tongue this morning on my mocha. Oh well. I hope there is enough for Trae to bring home to me this evening. But if not, we have plans to grill out steaks again. The last steaks we grilled here were so good. Trae and I have an agreement that when out at a restaurant, I must always warn/remind him about ordering a steak for dinner. It never fails that when he orders a steak, he is disappointed and comments that we could have made a better steak at home, which is correct. But for some reason, he is always drawn to the meat and potato entrees at restaurants. As long as I remind him about his constant disappointment, he seems to be ok ordering it anyway. It makes me chuckle.
Random Monica Fact: I love donuts, but will never buy them for myself! (This has become a source of amusement at the ER. Sometimes, Dr's will bring donuts for the nurses in the am. I always enjoy one. Everyone jokes with Trae that he should text me that the donuts have arrived at the ER!)

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Aunt Spicy said...

...donuts might be the only sweet that I can't stand...though if someone brought to work chocolate cake on a regular basis I would be on time/early every day!