Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Driving Across Country

I have a plan! I start my trip back to Mississippi on May 16th. After much deliberation and plan changes, I finally have a date of departure for my drive across country. The original plan was for my sister to fly out on the 12th to ride with me all the way home. We would leave the next day and drive for 4 days till we made it. This plan allowed a few business days before the Memorial Day weekend to take care of anything school related before classes start. With the newest departure date, I will not have any such days, but this new plan works out best for all parties involved. Now, I will follow my grandmother and her husband who are driving by RV to MS for the holiday weekend. Trae does not want me to drive across the country by myself, rightfully so. So this new plan is great because it will be an easy drive but, it will not leave me any time to take care of business when I get there. But, I'm sure there will not be any business so pressing I can't take care of it the first week of school. I will miss driving with my sister, but there will always be other trips we can take together.

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