Tuesday, February 24, 2009

1 More Day!

There is only 1 more day and a few hours until I get on a plane and head back to California to see my perfect man! I am so excited to see him. I have missed him so much. On the phone today he was telling me about the shopping he did today. Yes, he was shopping for me!! Not sure why, I asked if there was a special occasion and he said no. Then I asked if it was because he missed me and he said, "Maybe..." So I am excited to see what little goody he got for me. I will keep you posted! He told me he almost bought me a new sewing machine!! It would be my only sewing machine since the one I am using technically belongs to my grandmother and she is asking for it! SO, I really need one to finish all my sewing projects, those already started and the ones in my head. Here are a few pictures, the only thing I have to look at when we are away!

Lake Tahoe last year
Going to the movies!
At an ugly sweater party, hench the hideous hat
And at a work funcion of mine
P.S.- I know what you are thinking and I have already been informed by family members that we are going to have the nappiest headed babies, EVER!!! HA!


Anonymous said...

That is so cute :) love your pictures :) and I know how excited are you to see each other.

But I'm also excited that you're going to my favorite state so a picture please :) :) Have an awesome time guys :)

Tiffany said...

Stopping by from SITS to say hi. How exciting to see each other again!

Librarian or Teacher said...

I'm guessing you are already together now, I know you must be so happy! It's hard being away from the ones we love.

It's All Good said...

you really think his hat is hideous? cause I'd totally rock that!

Stopping by from SITS, have a nice day!