Sunday, February 8, 2009

Remodel Anyone?

I don't know if anybody else has seen the new show on HGTV, Remodel Realities. This is hilarious. A camera crew captures the crashes, mishaps, tearing down, moving walls, wrong measurements, arguments, and unfinished work all done by inexperienced homeowners. Tonight's episode followed a couple who's home was being featured in a home tour. The house was over 100 years old and was originally a grocery store. The wife wanted to move/take down some walls to allow more light in the kitchen. The husband did not have any vacation time to take off to work on the project so they worked on it at night. But the best part was that they waited until only 4 days before the home tour to even start on the project! The did not know what they were doing, they didn't have a plan when they started, and they did not have enough time to do it. The husband built a temporary wall for support. He built this one wall outside, not thinking whether it would fit in the door to get inside the house. (You see where I am going!?) That's right, it was too big! He had to take it apart, the rebuild it inside!! It is great to know that there are other people that this type of stuff happens to. While he was at work one day, his lumber that was being stored under a carport was stolen!!! I felt bad for the guy. He got no sleep in about 4 days, full time job at a bank, builder by night, wife who kept wanting to tear down walls, and had no idea how to do it. But I guess he did put a lot of it on himself, leaving himself only 4 days to complete a project like that! WOW! You have got to see it. I feel so much better about my remodel adventures now.

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Anonymous said...

LOL I haven't seen it yet, but will for sure I love HGTV!