Thursday, February 5, 2009

In Honor Of...

My sister's birthday was today, she turned 19! So in her honor, I decided I would post some of my favorite sister stories in which she is adorable, intolerable, and unique.

1. (Probably my favorite!) When she was about 4 or 5, my mom loaded us both up along with an adult family friend to go shopping. As we are driving through town towards our destination, my sister is in her own world. She begins looking around the car and says to herself, "Damn it! I forgot my purse!" She was FOUR!

2. Growing up the big sister, I always had to let her win in fights, you know, don't hurt your baby sister thing?!! There are pictures of a hairbrush stuck in a large rat nest tangle she created in my hair buy twisting and twirling the brush around in mid stroke while brushing my hair. It was fun.

3. In the adolescent years, whenever our parents would ask her to do something, i.e. clean her room, pick up her stuff from the rest of the house, swap the clothes, she would always yell, "I AM!!!" It always sounded like "I YAM!!"

4. Her favorite phrase as a young child was "Actually..."

5. Her room was once 4 different bright electric colors at once.

6. She is the artistic creative one.

7. She helps me with what to wear, so I don't look ridiculous. (Yes she is the younger one. I have NO fashion sense.)

8. Her existence is all my fault. I begged my parents for a sibling. Didn't matter to me whether it was a boy or a girl. About a month after she was born I informed my parents that she had ruined my life.

9. I used to give her a hard time and tell her that she was named after a very destructive hurricane that destroyed most of the Mississippi coastline back in the day.

10. I never knew how much I loved/enjoyed her until I moved out for college. She is so many things that I am not, and because of that, I love her and she drives me crazy. She is my sister, turning out to be a remarkable, independent, and wonderful person. We got really close over this past summer and it has taken both of us a little while to figure out that we can't always be with each other but regardless, she will always be a part of me and vice versa. I love her. She is unique, beautiful, and my favorite person to be with, after my husband of course. I pray for her everyday that she will grow in faith, patience, and understanding. She is MY sister!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your sis, I know how special little sisters are mine is 10 years younger than me :) always fun LOL

Amanda said...

Thanks for stopping by from SITS today!

Being an older sister myself I completely understand your last paragraph.
There will never be anyone closer to me than my little sister (she knows all of secrets from our childhood together). WE moved several times as kids, so during the summer after we moved all we had was each other, it made us very close.
Happy Birthday Camille!

Anonymous said...

I've tagged you on my blog

Librarian or Teacher said...

How sweet! They can drive you absolutely nuts sometimes but isn't it great having that bond with sisters?

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