Wednesday, February 4, 2009

#2 Coming Up!

Tomorrow afternoon is interview #2 for OT Grad School. Appointment is at 1:30. I am excited about this interview, as this has been my #1 choice from the beginning, mainly for logistical reasons. I have my suit all washed and ironed, ready to go. For those of you interested, it is classic black pants and jacket, really hot black pointy toe shoes, and a white button up dress shirt. I know, not very interesting or exciting. But, I figured that it is a classic for good reason. It is hard to mess up and I can just focus on being me and letting my personality shine. After long deliberation, the general consensus is that I should sport the straight hair do, due the polished look it adds to the suit. So I need prayers sent up that which ever school is the right place, it will be obvious by the time I leave my interview.

Hopefully I will have a new blog topic and more interesting.


Anonymous said...

Ohh I'm so excited for you:) fingers crossed, prayers going your way...keep us posted and good luck :) don't be nervous you can do this :)

Monica said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!