Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Good Friend

Having good people around you makes life so much easier and enjoyable. My best girlfriend and I have known each other since pre-school. Crazy, huh? It is strange to think that a person I met when I was so young still remains an important and comforting person in my life today, twenty-five years later. We have different personalities in a few areas, yet in the areas that are most important; i.e. morals, religious beliefs, family ties, children, and our feelings about each other, we match so well. I think of how our different life experiences, logically, should produce different people, yet, God has an amazing way of keeping us together. I know that she is in my life because God has placed in each of us a piece of the other. I always know she is there supporting me and my family even if it takes me away from her. I know that when I am away for a long time and come back to visit, there will never be an awkward silence, moment of tension, or difficulty in conversation. It is as though we were never apart, always in each other's lives without even trying. She is such a blessing to me, a true friend. Other than my husband and immediate family, she is the only tried and true friend I have. She does not gain anything by being my friend, she does not have to like me or spend time with me to fulfil any obligation or commitment. It is sad that I only have one, but, if I only get one, I am so glad it is her.
On another note, my wonderful friend happens to be a freelance writer. Please visit her blog here. She is a wonderful writer and her latest article is my favorite by far.
I pray that everyone dear and unknown to me has just one friend like mine. That absolutely neccessary person that gives their friendship without expectation of anything other than friendship in return. A person that understands you and everything about you, supports you, and truly cares about your life knowing it may not be what she wants. I have that. I am blessed to have her.


Anonymous said...

Friends are so important :) i like her blog :)

Amanda Wells said...

Wow, Mon, that made my day! You are such a blessing to me as well. You'll never know how much! I love you SO MUCH!

Aunt Spicy said...

That is so great that you have had a friend that long, one who knows you so well! Thanks for stopping by my blog!