Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Husband's Contribution

I am so proud of my husband for posting this last wonderful and joyous blurb last night. And believe it or not, I did not even say anything to him to make him want to!! I am not known to nag! Just ask him! I am glad that he took the opportunity to vent and let all his frustrations out without immediate rebuttal from someone else. I told him that this blog thing was actually very therapeutic and thought provoking for me. I hope that he keeps posting so that everyone can enjoy just some of the wonderful attributes that I adore about him. As you can see, he is very opinionated, sometimes sarcastic, and always funny. This is also another way we can stay connected from 2500 miles away. I feel like I am more apart of his day when I get to not only talk about how his day went but I can read it over and over. I'm so proud of you honey!! I hope the rest of you enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I loved his post :) and of course I love yours too can't you tell I'm hooked on your blog :)

Noah's Mommy said...

Yeah for Hubby....what a guy...I can't even get mine to read mine....sigh.....Happy SITS day

Anonymous said...

Mine doesn't even know my blog exists! ***SHHHH!***
I am pretty sure he would die if he knew. Although he shouldn't, because I am always good to him in my postings!
Kudos to your guy for posting. I think it is super sweet!